Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's snowing in Vermont

 Now you wouldn't think that was news in Vermont..but even here we rarely have snow in May! Thanks to the surprise snowfall last week that dropped a foot of snow on the tall green grass awaiting our return from vacation..we now have REALLY tall grass with even more snow on it!

Mowing is still out of the question. Odd to see apple trees in thick white blossoms sitting on a white lawn. There are frozen dandelions and cranky robins outside my window! There is one intrepid bird who has chosen to nest atop a bear carving on my porch. They cannot be persuaded that its not the best place to raise a family. Oh well better than last year when she chose the wheel well of my car! I had to leave it parked for several weeks until the babies had fledged!

Now that I have gotten my feet wet so to speak , here in the Blogging world..please pop in again and talk about bears and crafts and mysteries like why cats  can't stay out of trouble!


  1. It did this "snow" thing in Michigan too... doesn't it know it's MAY?!

  2. Welcome to the blog world, Debra! Love your blog theme! It's supposed to snow a bit here on Wednesday...we live in Colorado. :-)

  3. Hi Debra and welcome to blog land:o)) As nice as it looks with all that snow I reckon you can keep it all to yourselves!
    Take care and have a good day.
    Hugs Lyn
    Brimbin Forest Bears, Australia