Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love / Hate relationship with computers

  I have been working on completing one of those simple tasks that turned into (eventually ) a strong desire to childishly jump up and down on a software disk and then watch it go up in flames on the bbq grill! I spent days updating my website ; getting it just where I wanted it ..publishing it should have taken 3 minutes or less. NOT!!  You could not GIVE me a job in tech support.  After talking to some very nice ( unhelpful ) people 2 nights in a row and re purchasing and downloading a fresh copy..I give up!  Have gone back to what I was using and need to begin again.  I love computers and the freedom they give us to meet wonderful people and see delightful things we would never see otherwise.. but hello! can anything be more frustrating some days?! So I will get this site updated and linked here "As GOD is my witness!" Scarlett O'Hara!  but it might be awhile..:)

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