Thursday, June 3, 2010

baby has flown the nest!

Our baby robin has flown the nest! I took this picture just 2 days ago , they grow so fast don't they?:)  Have a firm date to get together with my "peeps" :) ! Can't wait ! Lunch with the girls!  Have much to catch up on everyone has been busy! Donna (Bjerke) had a house fire so they have been cleaning and reparing. Everyone is fine..dogs and cat too! but alot of smoke and damage around the chimney. Barb ( Patnode)  is busy with the kids graduating ,,she works at UVM and they have a camp in NY. Jill ( Kenny) is always busy doing something! Whether its her latest art endeavor or fostering dogs! Nancy (Edmunds) just lives the farthest away. And with family and work and her talented husband Chris ( Edmunds/painter) Never see her enough! 

So looking forward to catching up!

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