Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Mornings

When I was a very small child I used to sleep sometimes with my great Aunt downstairs and if I woke early I would always find her sitting in the rocker by the window. Being small I would climb into her lap curious what she found so fascinating out the window when i really l didn't SEE anything...
 This morning I am sitting in the computer chair in front of the's a beautiful cool summer morning and I
realize now it isn't what she saw but what she felt. She missed her husband terribly. He died not long after I was born. There must have been peace and beauty  out that window. Innocence..a child in your arms,,rabbits on the lawn, Birds busy with their families. Farms that were no longer there..people..but beautiful and quiet and a soft place to reminisce .  I can almost still feel the softness of her


  1. Hi Deb, Thank you for the interest in my blog and book I'm doing.
    I have collected literally tons of digital scrapbook kits over the years so I find a background, fairly plain and add a few doo-dads to it. I don't use the ready-made pages, they never fit the photos!LOL! And yes, that's my Mum!
    We're having a heatwave so I'm trying to think cool thoughts.
    Hugs xx