Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Deer Crossing

Unfortunately we didn't see the deer coming and hit it. Ran right over us almost! I don't believe we killed it as it walked off on its own and the couldn't find it after a thorough that's good.but Terrys' poor car! Ruined the power steering so we had to be towed..bent up the right front corner good..shattered the wind deflector on the hood. Terry seems to think that blunted the impact. NOT a way to start your morning folks!


  1. I'm just thankful that you are both safe!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. Hi Deb. Djeez what a story ! But indeed, you had luck !
    About your question. I'm sorry to say no. I don't teach photoshop Debra, but if you look in my right side-bar on my blog → LABELS → tutorials. Perhaps that can help you ?
    I've done a few 'tuts' making printscreens of my work in progress and when you scrol through these items you can find the tut. of the Q mask.
    It's written on the date ; saterday 18 april 2009
    Please note that I'm not a professional tut-writer :-) My English is not so good.
    Maybe you will find a few more helpful things when you scrol through my tutorial labels.
    And if I can help you....just ask Deb. When I have time I'll be there for you oke ?
    Photoshop is such a fantastic program to work with and step by step you will learn it.

    Have a nice day....I'm going to sleep now.
    Hearty greeting from the Netherlands. Rian

  3. Me again :-)
    Did you already discover my site with photoshop tutorials and tips ?
    You can find the link in my LEFT sidebar.