Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last day of vacation!

I know what love looks like

I know what love looks like and so i' m
Sure do you . A child held in your arms, a hug from a sibling , that special look from a spouse., but every once in awhile I see love professed in a way that is almost transcendent . A moment etched in my mind that leaves a warm glow behind. On vacation in Maine this summer we went to a flea market . My husband and I admired a lovely old fedora that one of the elderly female vendors was wearing. She laughed and said it was a wonderful old hat but it wasn't for sale , it belonged to her husband. Now we had noticed him in a peripheral sort of way but as he came over to join the conversation I could see his hat was a bright purple knit cap! They explained that she had washed the purple cap and it stretched and would not given the windy day stay on her head. So they switched .
He gave her the fedora and he wore the purple knit so she would not be cold . Each tenderly adjusted the others hat from time to time to be sure they were warm . And I saw Love
This Thanksgiving my husband and are in Pennsylvania Dutch Country as always. There are dozens of wonderful places to eat and we chose a favorite rather later we should have . Without reservations we sat at small coffee counter and had a terrific meal with the chatter and hum of couples and families all around us. An elderly couple to our left picked slowly at their meal stopping to watch the antics of the children as we did. His eyesight wasn't what it used to be and he cradled a cane . I was amused that like my husband hers was hard of hearing and her small quavery voice didn't carry well in the crowded dining room. Why not just change seats to be on his "good" side we wondered? But what struck me; was the way she lovingly cradled his chin in the palm of her hand and turned his face toward her .. Cheek to cheek .. To speak directly into his ear . They smiled and talked in this fashion throughout the meal . She waited on him , bringing first the salad , then the meal and finally dessert . Slightly impatient with his pace but never with him. And again I saw Love.
I know what Love looks like and Feels like and I am profoundly thankful for that in my life and wish all of you the same in yours !

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  1. What a beautiful post Deb.
    Freddie is fine now, we are helping each other.
    Best love to you and yours.
    June xx