Thursday, January 20, 2011

Took a small break!

Sometimes life and time constraints just seem to overwhelm me. Like there isn't time for ME,
and I know I made that possible all by myself! The snow has been plentiful in Vermont this year,,great for the skiers and tourists. But I think the after the holidays and no sunshine blues set in. I have been working diligently this week on another project I volunteered myself for! It's turned out to be quite fun, my husbands family is French Canadian and they hold periodic reunions, print newsletters etc. soooo I saw a blog as the natural progression. ( a what?) You know a blog..:}
But I do adore working with old photos and head first in I went! Here is the banner I created for them from old family photos and misc elements!


  1. Oh this is quite a beautiful header Deb! You've done a fantastic job. Who was it who told me not so long ago I can't do those digital things! LOL!
    The old family photos are gorgeous! Show some more please!!
    Big Hugs
    June xxx

  2. Thank you June! I am actually having fun with it! Those are Terry's family pictures and I will hunt for some of ours,,those I took at a cousins with a digital point and shoot camera. I didn't think they would come out but a brush through Photoshop and Viola! I hate to borrow family photos if I don't have too!

    January 22, 2011 8:22 AM