Monday, February 21, 2011

helpless husband debate

So the big question for this week..are husbands as helpless as they appear? How do grown men who have so many skills,,so much common sense..throw it out the window when faced with the simplest task? I have debated with myself ..wondering if a capable female somehow just flips a switch in their heads ( nope no need to worry about that..she can do it!) ,,do we need to be the stereotypical blonde?! Used to be if I had a hammer in my hand WHAMO he showed up behind me hovering,,whatya doin? Why don't you let me do that? ( why didn't I say yes?Because I am a modern independent women! I do not nag..I don't make lists..(ok I nag about his health) I want him to have free time to enjoy himself..but when I send him to the store for 2 items,,I want the 2 I asked for! I am still very much in love with my husband after 15 years! I am a very laid back person. I asked him to change the kitty litter for the first time (maybe 2nd) ever with consequences I don't want to describe! Suffice to say he locked the cat out of the litter pan by putting the lid on backwards ( I didn't know you could put in on backwards!)
It's what makes us laugh after year sof marriage and I wouldn't actually kill him or trade him in but banging my head on a wall every now and then..that I do!
I love you honey!


  1. LOL! my husband doesn't get the "these are the items I want from the store and nothing but these" He always manages to buy the brand I don't! I can't get him to change the litter, he goes into "I don't know how" come on! how hard is it, really...but I wouldn't exchange him in a million years. :O) great post!!!

  2. Thanks for that laugh Deb LOL! I'm sure there are many of us out there who can relate to that and their hubby's. They make out they are helpless just so you don't ask them to do it again! Well, I know mine does and he does seem to have a real hard time when it comes to the simplest tasks AND he's got selective hearing just like the dogs LOL! But I love him and he does have his uses and he is very helpful in his own way:o))
    Take care and have a good day.
    Hugs Lyn x

  3. He always swears he's listening! Took two trips to the store to get bread. He can measure anything to the nth degree but he cant get to dinner with friends on time because apparently the length of the trip into town is beyond his math! If I say we have to be there at 6 and its at least a 45 min 5 o'clock he will get up take a shower, need to change,stop for gas and money ( in 2 different places)we have all resorted to lying!