Saturday, March 26, 2011

My latest project!

I had a need to make this to wear on St Patrick's day in honor of my paternal grandfather Henry Travers. He was a rather mysterious figure in my childhood, My father did not live with him but with the Aunt and Uncle we grew up with, Bur he would often pick us up after school and give us a dollar bill and a Hershey's candy bar. He fixed the tree lights  every Christmas,,came at Easter and posed for pictures with us in our Easter Finery. He was an electrician ( hence the little light bulb ) and a chauffeur , a railroad man , a trapper and a handy  man at many of the large Vt/ NH resorts. ( like the Equinox in Manchester , Vt)   Irish in every sense of the word and not very
chatty. ! Many fond memories of him but also many questions!

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  1. What a lovely piece you made Deb. Don't we wish we knew more about some of our ancestors who were just that bit mysterious.
    Sorry I haven't visitted much lately.
    Big Hugs
    June xx