Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Muses Challenge Ancestors

I am still not completely happy with this but I am working it do death at this point! So here it is , one of my favorite Ancestors, Pearl was actually my fathers Great Aunt but one of the 2 we grew up with in our lives, She was quite a character for her time. she up and hitch hiked to California when she was very young, She married twice more and lived there all the rest of her life. She was never a svelte woman but she loved to laugh and rabbit hunt with a shotgun from the running board of a car in the desert. And she loved her tea! She came every year to visit with a tea pot and cozy! The first item of the plane was to stop and send a case of Red Rose and Salada tea home, along with a case of Moxie! The scent of her perfume still makes me homesick.


  1. You just managed to get in under the wire I think, Deb, but I'm glad you did or we wouldn't have met Aunt Pearl, a lady with impeccable taste in tea! A lovely piece of family history.

  2. I missed this one completely, and just stumbled upon it today. I'm so glad I did. Aunt Pearl sounds such a colorful character, and I like that you've paid tribute to her. Wish I could've met her! Thanks for sharing her story.