Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer is sliding along..

House projects have just taken over my summer! One ends another starts! Whew! Can't wait until we can sit back and just enjoy the progress ! We are truly blessed to not be in the dire straits some of our fellow Vermonters are right now though. Our "safe" little state took and awful beating last week. My sisters live on Killington i/e Mendon, Pitsfield..area. Vistas I have known since childhood are gone.. the scope of the damage is breathtaking. 30 ft drops where there should be roads. Washed out banks where our Brooks used to run. I have always loved Vermont but never knew how much she was part of me until now! People have really stepped up to help their neighbors. Strangers turn up to shovel mud and drop off food to people they have never met. States I have never been to have sent utility workers and heavy equipment. Thank you from the bottom of one Vermonters heart for your support , your kind thoughts and the unconditional support you all have offered .

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