Sunday, November 13, 2011

Racing winter

Well we are still having great luck with our November weather here in Vt. Considering how much rain we had all summer it's been a joy. True Indian summer. (where did that phrase come from? And is it politically correct anymore? ) I hope it's ok because it evokes images of beautiful crisp sunny fall days with glorious colors. Sharp cold frosty mornings with crunchy leaves that just smell amazing.
We spent the weekend doing some much needed work outdoors. Mainly banking our 175 yr old house with hay bales to keep the wind out of the stone foundation. 40 bales in all. Bless the old farmers who threw acres of them around by hand ! I am exhausted! But twice warmed! Which is what they say about cutting your own wood! Snug until Spring I hope. Maybe I will be able to
Craft the winter away!?

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