Saturday, January 28, 2012

Family Folk Art

We had the misfortune to lose a beloved family member this past week. He was a larger than life ..funny talented man with a big heart. The family brought the usual photos and mementos to the service and I was struck by two stunning folk art turkeys he had made out of scraps of wood and twigs. They epitomized folk art! It reminded me again what I keep telling people,,you don't NEED anything special to create art. No fancy tools, degrees,galleries or material. you need to NEED to make something. The fundamental desire to create something that pleases YOU. Whether its functional or just whimsical. True Art can be a beautiful painting or a silly twig turkey  that makes people smile and stays tucked in a corner if their hearts! 


  1. Sorry top hear of a lost one. But it's lovely to have such memories and I do agree with you about making art. You just have to 'want' to, that's all.
    Hope you are both well. Big teddy Hugs
    June xx

  2. Thanks for the comment June!I really need to get back to blogland more often! miss all you folks! hugs back Deb