Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sometimes the Obvious isnt!!!

I have beat myself up for lack of organization..I have tried desperately to coral all my craft things into one space, Spent hours considering the best use of space..where i work best..weeding out the mess of  the construction we are doing and have done. Realization finally clobbered me over the head the other night, I cant do it in one place!! DUH! its not me! So with that thought firmly planted i am forging ahead doing what suites me best !
Taking over the whole darn house! LOL. So far beading by my living room chair,,where i actually bead at night,
place to sew and cut out patterns probably in the dining room ( where we never eat) Storage in the spare bedroom for fabrics and silk floral stuff! ( think craft store blew up) and this spring an outdoor studio in our old milk house  will be finished so i can work on copper jewelry without setting the house on fire! And my husband finally has his garage so he gets his tools out of my space! Giggle! 

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