Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rangers new line of Patinas

I am still working hard on organizing my space ! After much rearranging I decided I

still needed a place to store my ideas and little tidbits of information..a magnetic board! Finally found one with a shape I loved..but the grey flat color put me off. I bought it anyway as I liked it so much, and half way home I remembered that I had just purchased these new Ranger liquid patina paints! I grabbed an old stiff brush and the "verdigris "bottle and tried it out this morning. I love the result! Even my husband stopped dead this morning and asked where i found that! ( he has been known to walk by major changes in our house for days without noticing a thing! ) so I knew I had a hit!
It was easy to do mess..dried almost instantly! I can't wait to try it on my next jewelry project! And it didn't take only a small bit of the bottle to do ! This is just my personal opinion not a commercial! :) rarely so taken with a new product!


  1. What a super job you've done there my dear. looks fab!xx

  2. Thanks June ! It was fun! Great new product! Having this last week off has really helped me get a handle on this organization!