Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

In hopes that spring is close I have started some spring cleaning. I was sick and finally home all week end. Not at work, so what better lazy afternoon project than freshening up my blog?
 No heavy lifting. I can sit in the living room chair and play. WHAT WAS I THINKING.?!
What I have not forgotten about designing has changed. Nothing is where I remember it.  Fun I was not having! Did I mention I am a tiny bit obsessive?'s Wednesday and I finally am at a point I don't want to thrown anything anymore! I almost like what I have reassembled! Now for the new banner!
The flu and family issues have kept me pretty busy all winter. We are all feeling better so I am looking forward to the really cool class I am taking on Saturday with Lorraine Reynolds! Altering books! Will post mine so you can see how I did!
 Would love to hear how everyone else has been "weathering" their winter so far! 

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