Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wow it's been a whole year!?

It does not seem that I have been away ffrom posting that long! Vermonts winter doesn't seem to want to end this year. The birds are filtering back and the giant snowbanks are melting. None too soon for this girl! My darling husband retired this year and he wants OUTDOORS! There are plants in a tiny greenhouse in my kitchen including roses and hydrangea. I'm thinking he's a bit ahead of the game but don't want to squelch his enthusiasm! Will try and get back with some photos! Happy April 1st! 


  1. We are so ready to be outdoors also! Spring seems to be taking its time to get here this year.

    1. Spring appears to have officially arrived here in Vt. It's so wonderful to sit here with my morning coffee and hear birds! We had 50 degree weather yesterday and they ( and I ) are loving it!