Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wow it's been a whole year!?

It does not seem that I have been away ffrom posting that long! Vermonts winter doesn't seem to want to end this year. The birds are filtering back and the giant snowbanks are melting. None too soon for this girl! My darling husband retired this year and he wants OUTDOORS! There are plants in a tiny greenhouse in my kitchen including roses and hydrangea. I'm thinking he's a bit ahead of the game but don't want to squelch his enthusiasm! Will try and get back with some photos! Happy April 1st! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My new studio!

My sweetheart of a husband has been working hard remodeling a small milk house on our property into a studio for me! He retired in March and had an arterial bypass shortly after. His newfound " freedom" was delayed due to his recovery. I am thrilled everything went well and he's back working too hard again . Well I'm not happy about his working too hard..but he is who he is ! And I adore him! Even if I have knock him off the tractor to get him to eat dinner!
Electric went in this week..we have painted and stained and cleaned...so excited to have my own space! ( ok more space) . We are still debating about how to keep it relatively warm during a Vt winter..saw these really cool Mr. Hero propane heaters, if not for my studio( allergies) then maybe for his garage!
So I hope to be Blogging more often again! Will post more pictures when we put the tables and tools in!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Comment moderation

I really hated to do this but with the influx of spam comments I had to install comment moderation and word verification. I know it's annoying. I am sorry.
Spring has finally arrived in Vermont! Which of course means it was 70 and sunny on Friday and that Saturday it snowed lightly and was 40! Lilacs are budding and the daffodils are up. Best of all the birds are back! Yeah! Lots of Vt Facebook comments about ow people are thrilled to hear the peepers
In the evenings again. The cold silence of winter is nice but we are hungry for the sounds of warmth
and life! My husband had an arterial by pass on his leg last Tuesday so our spring and his recent retirement has been interesting ! The surgery went very well. The effects on his sugar levels have not been great. So a new learning curve to conquer! Any tips about easily concocted meals for working
Diabetics are greatly appreciated! Deciding what to eat after a long day is hard at first!
Happy spring everyone!