Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nothing in moderation

Not the rain..not the sun...nothing in VT. Comes in moderation any more! Weird! My dental work is on hold for awhile. My DH bought his tractor finally. He's over the moon. It's used but just what he wants at the moment . There are 3 guys hanging off my house repointing the brick ( thank you God for help that shows up!) they show up with grinders and ladders and scaffolding at 7 a.am. Then he decides to go for the refinancing and putting up a garage this year. Yeah. I love my old house but face it folks they have NO storage! And we have STUFF! I was beginning to worry about being one of those people who has a path through the piles of newspapers that you read about.. Buried under their collecting ! Maybe I will even have garden someday like the one over at Snowy Day Bears (see my blog list)

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