Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seeing Green!

No not my hair this time..finally have someone we trust repairing the brick on the house. Re pointing etc. was a bit freaked out when I got home from work and there are all these metal plates and huge lag screws holding the brick facing to the house frame. Please let these be temporary... the green I am seeing will be dollar signs otherwise. I adore old houses. Scares my husband to death..the more of a wreck it is the better. I just want to save them all..we are too old and too poor at this point to do that! ( for comfort anyway!) I cant even keep this one clean at this point!  Yes we hace named the dust bunnies!


  1. Is this your house what a wonderful place to live...I have always wanted to live in Vermont It alway looked and sounded so romatic to me...I hope everything turns out okay with your vintage home they are a money pit for sure.

  2. Thats my favorite house movie..pretty accurate actually! :) the wind destroyed the barns a few year sago and we finally had to tear them all down.Vermont is a beautiful place to live,,but ridiculously expensive. For born here Vt's anyway! Real estate is very high.