Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Organization continued.!

This is the lovely old buffet I added to the den! It's already choc full of mohair and
some of the tools I use enough to have on hand. Now I need to decide what to hang above it? I am leaning toward adding some overhead kitchen cupboards for more enclosed storage. What do you think? Will it match?


  1. Hey! How you going and good to see you back:o)) You must have read my thoughts as I was only wondering the other day as to where you had gone:o)) A very nice buffet and I personally would leave it as it is - can't quite picture over head cupboards.
    Take care and have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lyn x

  2. Thanks Lyn I have missed being here! Im not going to touch an inch of its beautiful finish! I should post a photo of the wall
    ...I also have a collection of walnut frames and those mahogany
    knick knack shelves. i never could figure out how to hang the darn things! The walnut frames are an illness with me!