Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unearthing treasures I already own!

Because we were at one time considering moving we have a storage center that has gotten out of hand. My goal this month is emptying it as we have at long last built a garage. My sweetheart of a husband has been setting up the workshop he has waited for for 17 years, so I haven't wanted to overwhelm or push him. I wanted him to enjoy having his own space back. But now I need to organize this disaster we live in! After all the Reno projects of the last 2 years! ( some of which are not complete sigh..)
So along that line I have pulled everything out of the storage that looked like a shelf. I KNEW I had more of those scrolls shelf thingyys! So here is the wall above the new buffet. Blank. The cabinets are too expensive at this moment so my goal in the morning is to see if I can hang a group of what I HAVE above it for now. Novel idea hmmm?!

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