Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Have you seen the movie " UP " ? I love the dogs that cannot focus on anything without snapping their heads around at every potential squirrel they see. So like every sweet goofy dog I have ever owned. Butterflies to follow..birds to chase..heads swinging right left and back. "Squirrel"?!
My point is that is the way I feel whenever I craft. I follow some lovely blogs of very talented people. Ooh and ahhh over some truly beautiful work. Beading? New mohair? Digital scrapping? Ooh I have a house full material. But I am learning to live with this! It's who I am in the long run. I see something beautiful and almost immediately think..oh wouldn't so and so love that? Or hmmm I bet I could make that! Many of us come late in life to " forgiving " ourselves for indulging this insanity we call art. The need to create is like the need to breath. I don't NEED this much craft material , nor does it need to be anything more than a few pieces of paper and a pair of scissors. It's the process . The most fun I have is the off the cuff..gotta have this NOW idea. I have made giant bras out of foam sheets..decorated a whole wall with a garden theme made of colored computer paper cutouts. Baby shower decorations whipped up because we forgot to buy them..
I love old photos and my last " squirrel" moment when i saw a family picture posted on Facebook last week. What a beautiful old picture..I bet I could repair the damage to something so treasured ..and .....I was off!
This is the result. I taught myself to color the image in CS5 and learned something new! Be brave... Be on the lookout for squirrels!

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